Hi Everyone!
The big weekend is almost here and we’re so glad you will be joining us.
Trial Grounds
Address:  3060 US 395, Minden, NV
Gate Code:  #0395
When you come through the gate, turn left off the gravel driveway.  Drive past the gray kennel building toward the yellow arena.  Turn right in front of the yellow arena.  You will park between the brown fences.  Dogs may potty between the brown fences only.  The fields, structures and areas surrounding the parking lot WILL be used as search areas and courses for the NASDA trials.
Please do not approach houses, structures, kennel facilities or agility equipment.  Failure to stay within the trial grounds will result in immediate removal from the event without refund.
Please use the portable toilets.  An accessible toilet is available.
Barn Hunt Trials
Check In:  8:30 AM
To check in, please place a check next to your dog’s name on the white board for each ring.
General Briefing:  8:55 AM
Ring 1 Run Order:  Crazy 8s, Master, Master, Crazy 8s – First dog at 10:00 AM
Ring 2 Run Order:  Instinct, Instinct, Novice, Novice, Open, Open, Senior, Senior – First Dog to follow briefing
NASDA Working Dog Trials
Check In:  9:00 AM, First dog at 9:30 AM
Tentative Run Order:
  • Level I:  All Classes, Trials Run Back to Back
  • Level II:  All Classes, Trials Run Back to Back
  • Level III:  All Classes, Trials may be run back to back if time and space allow
Note:  Some Trailing & Locating classes will be offered on a different part of the property than you have run on before.  You will be able to drive to the staging area.  Please drive 5 MPH to that area, watching for livestock, dogs and resident traffic.
Move Ups
It is the exhibitors responsibility to notify the host club of Move Ups.  Please contact the secretary table or reply to this email with move up information.
Ring Conflicts
The Barn Hunt rings have priority.  If there are not enough volunteers for the Barn Hunt ring, the NASDA trials will pause briefly.  If you have a ring conflict for NASDA, please let the secretary know so the judges can be alerted.  We work very hard to make sure everyone gets all their runs in.
Estimated Start times
The estimated start times are provided as a general guideline.  Classes may start earlier or later depending on trial conditions.  It is the exhibitors responsibility to to be present when their class is called.  Once we have reset for the next class, we are unable to go back.
Smoking of any substance, vaping, alcohol use are not permitted at the venue.
COVID Guidelines
We are very fortunate to be able to have events during these challenging times.  Please help us keep everyone healthy and safe while also following local, state, federal and organization guidelines.  Your cooperation allows us to continue to offer events.
Masks are required any time you are outside of your vehicle at this event.  Eating is not permitted in the arena with the exception of the judge.  You may briefly remove your mask to drink. The electronic COVID waiver for BHA and NASDA will be sent via email on Tuesday. You will not be able to run until the waiver is signed.   For Barn Hunt, the COVID Rules are available here:  http://www.barnhunt.com/covid-19.html
If you have questions or need help, reply to this email (revolutiondogsports@gmail.com) OR call / text 775-298-1552.  Facebook messages and phone calls / texts to individuals are not valid methods of communication for this event.  Please remember to include your name and your dog’s name when contacting us.
We are so thrilled to have you all!  Let’s make it a great weekend!
Thank you!

Liz Carter, CPDT-KA

Revolution Dog Sports