2018 Racing to the Bay

When:  August 11 – 12, 2018

Where:  Skypark, Scotts Valley, CA

Classes:  Regular, Multibreed, Open, Vets

70′ feet of runback, Grass

Seeding:  Saturday | Sunday

Schedule:  SaturdaySunday | Excel

Things we cannot control:

As we all learned with the Patriot Games, we cannot control the weather although we did do a rainbow unicorn sacrifice this evening in hopes of keeping the lovely projected temperatures of 77 degrees on Saturday and 69 degrees on Sunday.  Need your weather fix?  Click here for the latest updates.  Fire.  Fire is everywhere.  The air quality in Scotts Valley is currently at 56, which is considered moderate.  Please take care.  For the latest air quality information, click here.

Sprinklers…  Normally this is something we CAN control, but there is a long and storied three club history fighting the sprinklers at this venue.  Leave items overnight at your own risk.  Take a moment to ensure your camp isn’t directly over a sprinkler.  Do not attempt to cover sprinkler heads.  This can cause flooding.

Things we can totally help with!  (Well, mostly…)


There is limited parking next to the field at this facility.  Do not block handicap ramps, loading / unloading, vehicle access to driveways.  RVs and trailers may be parked in the gravel overflow lot.  Vehicles are not permitted on the field at any time.  Please do NOT leave dogs unattended in vehicles in the parking area.  There is no overnight camping at this facility.


Field Set Up

You may set up beginning at 5 PM on Friday night AFTER the ring has been blocked out.  Please note, this is a public facility with many other events occurring.  You may leave set ups overnight at your own risk.  We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Emergency Services – Veterinarian

Santa Cruz Veterinary Hospital

2585 Soquel Drive, Santa Cruz, CA 95065



Emergency Services – Hospitals / Fire / Police

Watsonville Community Hospital

75 Neilson Street, Watsonville, CA 95076


For all emergency services, dial 911.


NAFA Code of Conduct

(a) One of the objectives of NAFA® is to promote cooperation and good sportsmanship in the training and exhibition of dogs. Cooperation and good sportsmanship should not be
recognized in passive observance, but as a way of life in training and competition.  Participants shall at all times be courteous and friendly and never conduct themselves in a
manner that would bring discredit to flyball. At no time should they show displeasure with a dog, judge, exhibitor, NAFA® representative, sponsor, host, or spectator in or out of the ring.

(b) Training and exhibiting shall be carried out by such methods that keep in the best interest of the dog and flyball.

(c) Abuse or severe disciplining of a dog is not in the best interest of flyball. No dog under the age of one (1) year may be listed on a time sheet in a sanctioned event.

(d) Misconduct shall include, but not be limited to, abusive or foul language, demonstration of dissatisfaction with a judge’s decision, inhumane treatment of a dog, racing a dog who is
not in adequate physical condition for the number of heats the dog is asked to run, demonstration of poor sportsmanship, willful violation of the rules with the intent to gain an
unfair advantage, or any other behavior or altercation that would leave a spectator or exhibitor with an unfavorable opinion of flyball.

(e) Participants shall always follow the Rules of Racing and Corporate Policies & Procedures, showing knowledge and an understanding of the same.

(f) Any individual or club in good standing with NAFA® may file a protest or prefer charges against another individual or club for alleged misconduct, in or out of the ring, prejudicial to
the best interest of flyball as provided for under Section 5.2. Protests filed during competition should be done in such a manner as not to bring discredit to flyball.

(g) Regional directors should warn teams and file unsportsmanlike conduct charges if teams are obviously and repeatedly holding back their dogs in tournaments to gain an unfair