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Puppies are cute, adorable and a lot of work. Let us help your puppy get the right start in this adventure-based camp which focuses on socialization and training, such as basic manners, handling for grooming and addressing common puppy challenges. This program includes lots of play, lots of fun and lots of learning. It also includes access to our Brilliant Puppy Club online, with training videos, enrichment activities and more! Puppies should be comfortable in a crate and good with other dogs. You have the flexibility to select the days of the week that work best for you using our online scheduling system.


Your puppy's all access pass to brilliance!

Day Camp speeds up the training process at home as we work on loose leash walking, polite greetings and common puppy challenges such as jumping up, all while providing age appropriate opportunities to explore the world, meet new people and engage in appropriate social play with other dogs.


Join the online classroom with dozens of training videos and lesson plans to help bring out the best in your sport puppy.  This class also includes a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, share your progress and make the most of your online learning experience.  $200 for three months.  Included in most Brilliant Puppy Day Camp packages.  

Teach your puppy fun and even useful tricks from ringing a bell to go outside, shake, roll over, leg weave and so much more!  Your puppy's next American Kennel Club or Do More With Your Dog trick dog title is included.  $80 per year.  Included in 4+ week Brilliant Puppy Day Camp programs.