Class Check In

Please take a moment to check in to your classes.  You may check in up to 12 weeks in advance for most classes.  You can always cancel if you need to!

Why do I need to check in?

Here are just a few of the benefits of checking into classes at Revolution Dog Sports:

  • Guarantees a spot in class for you and your dog(s)
  • Keeps class sizes small to maximize learning
  • Allows us to contact you with homework, field trip location or weather delays
  • Shows on your personal calendar so you always know your schedule
  • Bark Bucks Users:  Integrates automatically with your Bark Bucks account

What happens if I need to cancel?

You can log into your account up to 12 hours before a class and cancel. It is quick and easy. For cancellations within 12 hours of class, please contact Liz at 775-813-0856 by text or email  If you do not contact us to cancel or repeatedly cancel within 4 hours of class, you will be charged for classes at a "No Call, No Show."

What if I don't check in?

If you do not check into class, there will not be a spot for your and your dog(s) and you will not be notified of homework, field trip locations or weather delays.  Eek!  If you're having a problem using the system, please contact Liz at 775-813-0856 by text or email  We know there is a learning curve and we're here to help!

How do I check in and register a new account?

We've put together a How To just for you!  Click here.

How do I check in for multiple weeks of the same class?

We've put together a How To just for you!  Click here.

What are Bark Bucks?

Bark Bucks is a prepaid account at Revolution Dog Sports that can be used to pay for boarding, dog sport day camp, trial entries, seminars and classes.  The benefit of Bark Bucks is the more your purchase, the more you save.  Our new scheduling system automatically loads Bark Bucks onto your account and allows you to see all charges in live time.  You will always know how much you have in your account!  You can purchase Bark Bucks by clicking here or using the "Bark Bucks" button above.