Competition Experience

500 + titles earned in 12+ Sports and Activities

Recent Accomplishments:
2018 NAFA Div 9 Multi Breed National Champion
2018 NADD Master Lap Dog National Champion
2018 Bronze Medeal, Barn Hunt Grand National
2019 Handler, NAFA Div 12 Multi Breed National Champions
2019 Best Bred by Exhibitor in Show
2020 Regional Qualifier, Barn Hunt Grand National
2007, 2012, 2013, 2018 PRTAA Versatile Dog of the Year
2013 - 2019 PRTAA Versatile Breeder of the Year
PRTAA Earthdog Half of Fame



American Kennel Club
Scent Work Judge
Farm Dog Evaluator
Caning Good Citizen Evaluator
Trick Dog Evaluator

Barn Hunt Association Judge
2017 Barn Hunt National Judge
Do More With Your Dog Trick Dog Evaluator
North American Sport Dog Association, Founder & Judge


Continuing Education

AKC Canine College
2017 Clicker Expo
Fenzi Dog Sport Academy
Fenzi Pet Professionals
2020 IAABC / FDSA Conference
Various Judges Workshops
Sport Specific Seminars & Workshops



Over the past 10 years our amazing comeptition teams have competed at all levels of dog sports such as agility, barn hunt, dock jumping, obedience, rally, flyball, earthdog, trailing and locating, nosework, lure coursing and so much more. But above all, these wonderful humans and dogs are living their best lives together.