Training your dog has never been easier than with our Day Camp programs. We know you love your dog but you also have a busy life that can make training a challenge. We're here to lighten the load by providing your dog with the training the need and the play they love, all while you are at work. Day Camp is available in the Reno / Sparks area and is limited to a small group of dogs each day so your dog is guaranteed to be the star of the show!

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Puppies are cute, adorable and a lot of work.  Let us help your puppy get the right start in this adventure-based camp which focuses on socialization and training, such as basic manners, handling for grooming and addressing common puppy challenges.  This program includes lots of play, lots of fun and lots of learning.  It also includes access to our Brilliant Puppy Club online, with training videos, enrichment activities and more!   Puppies should be comfortable in a crate and good with other dogs. 

Let us bring out the best in your dog, such as coming when called, loose leash walking, polite greetings and other basic manners. This program includes field trips, supervised social play and enrichment activities. Your dog should be comfortable in a crate and good with other dogs. This program includes photos and videos of your dog at work and play and a transfer session with the owner every two weeks.

Your dog isn’t a weekend warrior, they are a dog sport super star!  Our Dog Sport Day Camp is designed to focus on skill building, proofing and confidence building for specific sports and activities.  Your dog will also participate in a fitness and conditioning program designed to keep your dog looking and feeling their best.  This program includes social play, enrichment and plenty of love to help your dog rock the ring.  This program includes photos and videos of your dog at work and play.  


No matter the program, your dog's day is broken into three elements:

Based on your personalized learning plan, training
sessions are conducted throughout the day.

Our fitness and conditioning program is aimed at
maintaining a healthy weight, increasing speed and
endurance as well as developing flexibility and agility.

Our motto is work hard, play harder.
Each day features opportunities for supervised
social play, individual play, enrichment games
and quiet rest periods.