Barn Hunt is one of the fastest growing competitive dog sports in the country where dogs test their ability to find rats safely enclosed in specialized PVC tubes hidden on an increasingly challenging course of straw bales. Courses are timed and unlike the rat catcher’s job of old, the rats are never harmed and in fact are very well loved (and highly trained!) companions.

Whether you and your dog are brand new to the sport or have aspirations of Nationals gold, join Liz Carter at Revolution Dog Sports this June in Reno, Nevada for Introductory, Beginning and Competition level Barn Hunt classes.  Liz Carter is a veteran trainer, competitor and Barn Hunt Association judge.  Her own dogs have earned several Barn Hunt Championship titles but her greatest pride is the success of her students in all levels of competition.  Liz trains, judges and competes throughout the United States and Canada.  She judged the 2017 Barn Hunt Grand National in Dallas, Texas and is looking forward to competing with her own dogs in 2018.  Private lessons are also available upon request.

Our students have earned hundreds of titles at all levels of competition including many championships but most importantly enjoy competing together as a team. Classes are filling fast so don’t wait! Train in a friendly, knowledgeable and experienced environment that focuses on helping teams achieve their goals. Experience the difference at Revolution Dog Sports.

Class Locations

Classes are taught in Antelope Valley (Reno, NV North Valleys) in our training barn at a private residence.  For address and directions please contact Liz at

Introduction to Barn Hunt

Are you or your dog new to the sport of Barn Hunt?  This is the class for you.  This four week course meets once per week for an hour and focuses on introducing dogs and handlers to the scent sport of Barn Hunt.

Introduction to Quarry
Develop search pattern
Increase desire to seek
Develop clear indication
Develops beginning handling strategy
Pre-requisites: Dogs must be at least four months of age. Dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes are welcome.

Class Time: 6:30 PM
Location: Antelope Valley in Reno, Nevada
Dates: Thursdays 05/03, 05/10, 05/17, 05/23

Cost:  4 Weeks – $125

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Competition Barn Hunt

This four week course meets once per week for an hour and focuses on competition handling for Barn Hunt. This class further developers indications on more difficult hides while developing advanced handling strategy. Includes variable numbers of hides. This class is appropriate those individuals seeking to compete.  Students may join class at anytime.

Scent Puzzles
Recognizing Changes of Behavior
Rockin’ Tunnels
Clearing the Course
Competition Handling Strategy
Pre-requisites: Beginning barn hunt or instructor approval.

Tuesday Class Time: 11:00 AM
Thursday Class Time:  4:30 PM and 5:30 PM
Cost: 4 Sessions $125

Tuesday Dates:  05/15, 05/22, 05/29, 06/05, 06/12, 06/19, No Class 06/26

Thursday Dates:  05/17, 05/24, 05/31, 06/07, 06/14, 06/21, No Class 06/28

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Private Lessons

Private lessons are available by appointment.  Call or text Liz at 775-813-0856 to schedule!  $50 per hour.