Join us December 7 & 8, 2019 in Minden, Nevada for a two day workshop focusing on handling strategy, mental management and skill building for the Barn Hunt Regionals and Grand National with Liz Carter.  Whether you have your eye on a podium placement at the Grand National or wish to bring out the best in your team, this workshop is for you.

  • Handling Strategy
  • Selecting Teammates
  • Mental Management
  • Setting Goals

We will be utilizing courses from other regions each day with unique hide placement.  On Saturday, we will run Course 1, Course 2, Teams and Hurdles.  On Sunday, we will run Course 3, Course 4, Teams and Hurdles.  Although we are here to learn, part of the learning process is understanding scoring and placements in Regionals and at the Grand National.  Scores will be tallied, prizes will be given.  10% of the entry fees will be distributed to the First, Second and Third placement winners in the following categories:  Barn Hunt, Games, Versatility.



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