Congratulations!  You and your dog were AWESOME!  There were so many accomplishments this weekend, from making progress in teamwork to earning new titles.  Sure, there were bumps here and there but those bumps are part of the dog sport journey and it’s how we handle them that counts.  We saw so many great moments of sportsmanship, community and teamwork.  Handlers advocated for their dogs.  Humans helped other humans.  Everyone had a great attitude which makes all the difference.  Thank you for being you!

And speaking of thank yous, a big heartfelt thank you to our gracious hosts Mary and Chip Chadwick who opened their home to us all this weekend.  Thank you to our judges for fun and challenging courses and positive attitudes.  Thank you to all of you for working rings, bringing your sense of humor and of course, all the yummy food.  We couldn’t have hosted with you and we hope you all had a wonderful time!

Congratulations to the new title holders:

  • Instinct
    • Carla and Zero
  • Novice
    • Carla and Koa
  • Open
    • Linda and Clooney
    • Julia and Bugsy
  • Crazy 8s Silver
    • Rebecca and Bucky
  • Crazy 8s Platinum Silver
    • Becky and Shock
  • Senior
    • Sylvia and Zara
    • Coralie and Zia
    • Liz and Riley
    • Liz and Liam
    • Rebecca and Bucky
  • RATCHX13
    • Liz/Bill and Crush

This weekend our High in Class and High Combined winners in each class were awarded Bark Bucks which may be used for entries, training and other services offered by Revolution Dog Sports.  Here’s who finished in the money!  If you already have a Bark Bucks account, we have added a credit.  New to Bark Bucks?  You will receive an email on Wednesday 02/07/18 with everything you need to use your bark bucks!

  • $45 Shock
  • $30 Hank
  • $30 Quick
  • $20 Lemmy
  • $20 Crush
  • $20 Khezi
  • $20 Zia
  • $20 Liam
  • $10 Otter
  • $10 Gabe

We enjoy offering special awards at our events.  This weekend’s special awards were sponsored by the gang at Scraps Dog Company.  Thanks for making our event extra special!, Scraps!

Point Crazy:  Beckie Bowers and Shock (Labrador Retriever) – 290 Cumulative Points

Speed Racer

  • Novice:  0:25.10 – Carla Baardseth and Zero (Miniature Dachshund)
  • Open:    0:33.90 – Thea Tsurumoto and Khezi (Border Collie)
  • Senior:   1:55.30 – Coralie Donkers and Zia (Mixed Breed)
  • Master:  1:52.60 – Bill Carter and Crush (Mixed Breed)


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We hope you enjoy some of these great photos from Carla and Britni this weekend!

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