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Weekend Classes for Saturday April 21, 2018

We have a great line up of classes on Saturday April 21, 2018 for you and your dog. Come enjoy the spring weather and have fun while learning with your dog. Pre-registration is required by email to training@revolutiondogsports.com or call/text 775-813-0856. Private lessons are also available by appointment.

8:00 AM Beginning Tracking:

New to the sport of tracking and still gaining experience? This is the class for you and your dog. Your dog will need a harness not used for any other sport or activity that does not restrict movement and has a D ring clip behind the withers. Please bring 6 to 8 cotton socks or gloves, plenty of easy to eat and delicious treats and appropriate footwear for walking distances. Location: North Valleys Regional Park

9:30 AM Intermediate/Advanced Tracking:

Continue to develop confidence, focus and skills. Instructor Approval is required. Location: North Valleys Regional Park

11:30 AM Beginning Flyball:

New to the sport of flyball? Come learn more about the sport with your dog. What to bring: a six foot leash, favorite tug toy, favorite toy for fetching, lots of high value treats, water for you and your dog, a great sense of humor. Location: Dorothy McAlinden Park off Stead Boulevard in Reno, NV.

2:00 PM Competition Barn Hunt:

This session focuses on handling strategy and skill building for teams competing in the sport of Barn Hunt. Location: Antelope Valley Barn

4:00 PM Intro to Barn Hunt:

Would you and your dog like to learn more about the sport of barn hunt? This is your chance to meet the rats and explore this fun and fast growing sport! Location: Antelope Valley Barn

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