We’re pleased to announce that entries are now open for the California Rat Games Challenge!  These non-sanctioned games are designed to test your handling skills while having even more fun with your dog.  All games will be held after the last regular classes on the designated game day. Awards and bragging rights will be given! These are non-sanctioned games, but the challenge is REAL!

CTCNC Barn Hunt Trials
Gilroy, CA
April 28 & 29, 2018[button href=”https://revolutiondogsports.com/store/#!/April-2018-Rat-Games-Challenge/p/68435141/category=18067084″]Enter the Games[/button]
Cinco de Rato Barn Hunt Trials
Tres Pinos, CA
May 5 & 6, 2018[button href=”https://revolutiondogsports.com/store/#!/May-2018-Rat-Games-Challenge/p/104744300/category=20081007″]Enter the Games[/button]
Pairs: Two dogs and two handlers will navigate a Senior/Master level course. There will be four rats and four litter tubes. Each team will have 3:30 seconds to find all four rats. The tunnel and climb will be assigned by random draw.

Distance: Dog and handler team work a Senior/Master course and must tunnel, climb and find three rats in one big distance challenge. Course time: 3:30 seconds

Speed: Dog and handler have 90 seconds to find one rat in a field of 7 litter tubes on an Open/Senior course. Team must tunnel and climb.

Each dog may only be entered in each game ONCE per day.


Versatile Team Award: Teams earning a qualifying score in all three games, a regular class (excluding Instinct) and Crazy 8s will receive a special Versatility Team award.

Triathalon Award: Teams earning a qualifying score in all three games will receive a special Triathalon award.

Qualifying Ribbons are offered for all qualifying teams.


Regular trial entries for both trials are still available!

Don’t miss out on two great weekends of fun in California with Revolution Dog Sports!

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