Thank you to everyone who came out to course today!  Fast CAT practice was A LOT of fun!  We hope you and your dog had a great time.  Thank you to all our awesome volunteers for helping keeping things moving, working on equipment, setting up and tearing down, operating the lure machine and so much more.  Thank you also to our incredible hosts, Mary and Chip Chadwick for opening their field to us this Mother’s Day.  Below are the results of the fun test.  We look forward to seeing you and your dogs again very soon!

Fastest Dog:  Stacey Coleman and Swizzle (Border Whippet) – 34.32 MPH

Fastest Dog in Each Breed:

  • Bearded Collie:  Tess 22.21 MPH
  • Bernese Mountain Dog:  Penny 20.79 MPH
  • Border Collie:  Maverick 27.98 MPH
  • Border Whippet:  Swizzle 34.32 MPH
  • Cirneco Dell’Etna:  Joanie 27.53
  • Doberman:  Zara 25.35 MPH
  • English Shepherd:  Bentley 27.53 MPH
  • German Shepherd Dog:  Quick 31.87 MPH
  • Golden Retriever:  Tazzie 27.75 MPH
  • Hound:  Hank 15.26 MPH
  • Labrador Retriever:  Shock 26.02 MPH
  • Mixed Breed:  Otter 12.22 MPH
  • Parson Russell Terrier:  Effin 25.89 MPH
  • Portuguese Podengo:  Dweezle 23.38 MPH

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