We are very excited to have Fred Helfers join us for two days

of exceptional learning here in Reno, NV on June 1 and 2!

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Handler Error and Skill Building in Nosework
Identifying the 10 most Common Handler Error Faults

Friday June 1, 2018

Classroom Only: $150

Improve handling skills by establishing and applying a consistent maintenance training program. This full day seminar includes a lecture and visual presentation in the morning followed by a working session where Fred will guide both novice and experienced teams through drills to increase their handling skills. This is followed by a video review of working dog teams. Classroom teams will attend the full day without dogs. Limited to 6 working teams.

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Understanding Olfaction and Odors

Increase your skill through knowledge.

Saturday June 2, 2018

Cost:  $150

This invaluable classroom full day seminar is for anyone interested in how dogs use their nose and detect odors, including competitors in scent work/nosework, barn hunt, trailing & locating, field trials, hunting, shed retrieving and tracking.  Topics discussed include:

  • Understanding the Canine Olfactory system – How the canine nose works.
  • Breathing Sniffing
  • Theory of scent discrimination.
  • The Odor molecule. – Factors Influencing Odor
  • Temp –  Wind –  Humidity  –
  • Definitions — Use of training aids – containment and handling.
  • Utilizing your knowledge of Odors and Olfaction in Nosework
  • Training scenarios and environmental issues.


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