It’s summer and in Northern Nevada it is HOT, which means more dogs and their people are spending time staying cool at the pool, in lakes, rivers and ponds.  You might even have kiddie pools (or as we call them, puppy pools) in your backyard.   It’s likely no surprise that one of our favorite summertime activity is spending time on the dock and in the pool with the dogs.  It’s fun!  It’s cool!  It’s great exercise!  But there really such a thing as too much fun when it comes to water and your dog.  Water Intoxication occurs when a dog consumes too much water, either by directly consuming (such as drinking) or indirectly consuming it while snapping at the water, retrieving toys out of the water, diving, etc.  Here is important information about Water Intoxication in Dogs, risk factors, symptoms and what to do if you suspect your dog may be affected.  Be aware, be safe and above all, keep having fun with your dog!

From Top Dog Tips