All good things must come to an end and the sun has set on the Battle Born Bonanza in Carson City, NV.  It’s been five great years of dog sports in Carson City, NV with the Battle Born Bonanza Terrier trials and we ended the run with the most epic weekend of dog sports yet:

  • 193 Barn Hunt Runs
  • 106 Trailing & Locating Runs
  • 10 Shed Dog Runs
  • 220 Scent Work Runs
  • Plus, a boat load of Trick Dog, CGC and CGCA tests too!

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Community Canine Testing with Sheila Gibbons


Be proud of your dogs!  Be proud of yourselves!  Be proud to be part of such an incredible community of dog sport folks who didn’t just show up to run dogs but volunteered, provided support, laughed easily and had fun doing what you love.  This is Revolution Dog Sports and I am so thankful we could be part of such a great group of people and dogs.  Inevitably, I will miss thanking someone very special, but it is never intentional, and I beg forgiveness in advance.  It is never intentional!

Thank you to Desi Timmerman for nearly five years of adventure.  You, my dear, are a rock star!  It takes months of planning, countless hours of blood, sweat and tears and endless amounts of sheer determination to create a large multisport event.  Thank you for letting us be part of the show and here’s to a well-deserved rest!

Nike finds Beastie Boy the rat in Trailing & Locating

Scent Work Bling

A special thank you to our fantastic judges, evaluators and organization representatives:  Beckie Bowers (Barn Hunt, Trailing & Locating), Liz Carter (Barn Hunt, Trailing & Locating, Shed Dog, CGC, CGCA, Trick Dog) Jane Detweiler (Scent Work), Sheila Gibbons (CGC, CGCA, Trick Dog, Trailing & Locating, Shed Dog), Pam Opanawitz (Barn Hunt), Penny Scott-Fox (Scent Work) and John Strassner (Scent Work) along with our outstanding new provisional Trailing & Locating judges Jen Bailey and Linda Coogan.  From fun hides to challenging courses, keeping their rings moving efficiently to providing kind words and encouragement to exhibitors, these judges worked hard all weekend long with a smile on their face and a great sense of humor and adventure!

We had incredible event staff this weekend who went above and beyond to keep all the plates spinning and all the rings running.  Thank you to our incredible Scent Work judge’s stewards Rachel Husband (Scent Work Trial Chair) and Beth Ogasian, our exceptional and invaluable Barn Hunt chief course builder Joey Bowers and the queen of hospitality herself Linda.  Thank you to Sheila Gibbons, who for some reason keeps coming back for more shenanigans.  Thank you to my husband Bill Carter who just gets it.  These folks along with our incredible RDS family (who I will get to in a moment) and trial committees were the key ingredient to a fun weekend multisport weekend.  When you see them, give them a hug or a beer.  They deserve both and so much more!

You guys just get me!

Thank you to the wonderful students of Revolution Dog Sports for your contagious enthusiasm, bravery and joy.  Every time I turned around, you were helping each other, helping others, running here, running there, solving problems and in all honestly, keeping me sane, shaded, hydrated and laughing.  You manned trial committees, stepped in wherever you were needed and frankly had the patience of saints.  I am so proud of each and every one of you!  I would start listing names and the countless ways you guys made a difference, but I could write a book!

Thank you to our outstanding volunteers.  In the world of dog sports, events don’t run smoothly or even at all without the hard-working volunteers who step up to help.  Whether you set boxes, timed, scribed, set up equipment, built courses, delivered beverages and a thousand other critical tasks in between, we cannot thank you enough!  It is your passion for the sports we play that make all the hard work, sore muscles and sleepless nights worth it.

And last but certainly not least, thank you to all the exhibitors who came to play!  It was so wonderful to spend time with you all and cheering you on in whatever activity you chose.  We are so glad you came and look forward to seeing each of you at another event soon.

Without the Battle Born Bonanza, what will we do next year?  We highly recommend the Redwood Ratters Barn Hunt Trials along with the Gold Country Kennel Club shows in Grass Valley, CA just over the hill.  And don’t worry, this may be the end of the Battle Born Bonanza but there are still plenty more shenanigans coming your way right here in Northern Nevada and beyond!

With love and gratefulness,