We are very excited to announce that starting in January we will be offering Barn Hunt and Scent Work classes in Minden, NV on Thursdays.  

Classes begin January 10, 2018 and are taught a private residence near Silver City RV Park.  Address and directions are sent upon registration or by request.  Classes are taught indoors with some outdoor elements.  Not sure which class is right for you?  Contact Liz at training@revolutiondogsports.com or call / text 775-813-0856!

Barn Hunt Classes

Barn Hunt is one of the fastest growing competitive dog sports in the country where dogs test their ability to find rats safely enclosed in specialized PVC tubes hidden on an increasingly challenging course of straw bales. Courses are timed and unlike the rat catcher’s job of old, the rats are never harmed and in fact are very well loved (and highly trained!) companions.

Our students have earned hundreds of titles at all levels of competition including many championships but most importantly enjoy competing together as a team. Classes are filling fast so don’t wait! Train in a friendly, knowledgeable and experienced environment that focuses on helping teams achieve their goals. Experience the difference at Revolution Dog Sports.

  • 2:30 PM - Competition Barn Hunt
  • 6:00 PM - Introduction to Barn Hunt

Scent Work Classes

Our dogs love to sniff and find things. In fact, dogs have such a great sense of smell that they are often used to locate illegal drugs, explosives, bed bugs and even cancer. The sport of scent work, also called nosework, provides a fun and exciting outlet for your dog’s super sniffer by teaching him or her to find target odors such as birch, anise and clove. Nosework builds confidence and focus while providing essential mental and physical stimulation for a happy and well balanced companion. It is also just plain fun!

Our nosework classes develop search drive and motivation to work, odor recognition and a clear focused response behavior. Our goal is a happy dog that will not only efficiently and methodically search for and identify target odors in a variety of environments and situations, but WANTS to work and play with their handler.

  • 1:00 PM - Competition Scent Work
  • 4:30 PM - Introduction to Scent Work