Welcome Letter

Spring Equinox NASDA Working Dog Trials

Day of Show will be accepted until 10:00 AM.

Venue:  3060 US 395, Minden, NV.  Please do NOT arrive prior to 9:45 AM!

Parking:  Please park between the fences behind the arena.  Due to recent weather, the ground is soft and muddy.  Please drive with caution.

Crating:  Car crating is required for this event.  Dogs MUST be on leash at all times except when working.

Trial Grounds:  Exhibitors must stay within the trial grounds at all times.  Do not approach residences and kennel buildings.

  • Check In:  9:50 AM
  • First Dog:  10:00 AM
  • Run Order:  Trial 1 and Trial 2 to run concurrently.


 Trial 1  Trial 2
 Trailing & Locating I (7) Trailing & Locating I (7)
 Trailing & Locating II (6) Trailing & Locating II (4)
Urban Locating I (8) Urban Locating I (7)
Urban Locating II (5) Urban Locating II (5)
Trailing Brace II (1) Trailing Brace II (1)
Shed Dog I (2) Shed Dog I (2)
Shed Dog III (1) Shed Dog III (1)
 Trailing & Locating III (3) Trailing & Locating III (3)

Sunday schedule will be available shortly.