Ratting for Rescue

July 5 - 7. 2019

Minden, NV

All trials are limited to 3 hours of judging.

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$15.00 per entry, all proceeds will be donated to the Parson Russell Terrier Association of America rescue fund to benefit the 188 Parson Russell Terriers rescued from a hoarding case in New Jersey earlier this week.

July 5

1 Barn Hunt Trial, all classes

2 NASDA Working Dog Trials:  TL-I, TL-II, UL-I, UL-II


July 6

2 NASDA Working Dog Trials:  TL-I, TL-II, UL-I, UL-II, SD-I, SD-II

July 7

2 NASDA Working Dog Trials:  TL-III, UL-III, SD-III, SD-MCH, TB-I, TB-II