Hi Everyone!
I hope you all made to Northern Nevada safely.  We are looking forward to having you all tomorrow for the BHA Judge’s Workshop.
Just a few reminders:
The venue address is 3060 US 395 in Minden, NV.  This is a gated property.  The gate code is #0395.  The code is also printed on the gate.  When you enter, you will make an immediate left off the gravel driveway and onto the dirt road.  Drive past the gray kennel building.  You will see the yellow Anna Richter Arena.  Please pull between the two brown fences.  You will see our equipment trailer with the license plate RDS2.  Park in that area.  There is plenty of room, but you MUST be between the two brown fences.
The gates open at 8 AM and the presentation begins promptly at 8:30 AM.  DO NOT ARRIVE BEFORE 8 AM.  Please do not queue up outside the gate before 8 AM.  Residents heading to work, school and other important places need to be able to exit the property.
If you have a working spot and have not yet printed your maps for discussion, I can send them to FedEx Office in Carson City for you and pick them up in the morning.  Please send a copy to me by midnight and I can send that off for you.
If you have dogs, you may crate them inside the arena.  Please walk dogs in the field south of the arena.  Do not approach the kennel buildings or residences.   Loud or disruptive dogs may be asked to participate in an alternative crating situation – such as going to your vehicle or leaving the trial grounds.
We will have water and snacks available.  Please plan to bring your own lunch.  There are several fast food restaurants less than five minutes from the venue on US 395.
Did you fly?  We have chairs you can borrow.  Help yourself!
This is our practice facility.  We love it here.  Please be respectful of the property, residents and local critters.  Enjoy the view and enjoy your learning opportunity!
Need something else entirely?  Just let me know.
We’ll see you in the morning!
Liz Carter
Revolution Dog Sports