Thank you much for coming to play.  It was so much fun and it was so lovely to enjoy beautiful weather, great company and great dogs.  A big thank you to Mary and Chip for having us!  We are so fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate in the Barn Hunt Association Hurdle Over 2020 National Event.
  1. Hef (Parson Russell Terrier) – Gibbons
  2. Mercy (German Shepherd Dog) – Chadwick
  3. Crush (Mixed Breed) – Carter
  1. Mercy (German Shepherd Dog) – Chadwick
  2. Rain (Malinois) – Stroble
  3. Tess (Bearded Collie) – Chadwick
  1. Hef (Parson Russell Terrier) – Gibbons
  2. Crush (Mixed Breed) – Carter
  3. Romeo (Parson Russell Terrier) – Carter


  1. Isabella (Parson Russell Terrier) – Carter
  2. Ede (Cairn Terrier) – Morris
  3. Tempest (Parson Russell Terrier) – Chase
Thank you!  Be safe, be well and have more fun with your dogs!

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