Getting in a box may seem like a silly trick we use for sports like Parkour, but it has valuable applications in behavioral wellness.

  • Increases environmental confidence
  • Develops body awareness
  • Helps our dogs learn to learn
  • Engages the brain and body

Goal: Dog is cued to place get into a box and wait until released.

Box Size:

  • Beginners:
    • A little larger than the length of your dog’s body (without the tail)
    • Consider using a box with low sides and removing / securing the flaps that are easy to step over
  • Intermediate +
    • Work on increasingly smaller size boxes where your dog can accurately place all four feet in and remain until released!

Let’s train it!

Place the box in the training area, clicking (or use the verbal marker YES!) for each successful repetition, starting with simply looking at the box. As your dog’s understanding increases, reward less and less for the earlier behaviors.

  1. Looking at the box
  2. Moving toward the box
  3. Sniffing the box
  4. Lifting a paw toward the box
  5. One paw in the box
  6. Two paws in the box
  7. Three paws in the box
  8. Four paws in the box