Our Winter Workshop Series is a great way to get bite sized learning opportunities for your favorite sports and activities.  Each session is 60-90 minutes long and costs $50.  Learn new things, have fun with your dogs, grow your skills and escape the winter blues!  Sign up in Gingr or call / text us at 775-298-1552 or send an email to revolutiondogsports@gmail.com!

Front & Finish

January 9 :: 3:00 PM

This workshop helps teams add flare, enthusiasm and precision to their front and finish behaviors for Rally Obedience and Competition Obedience. We'll use games, platforms and even tricks to get you started on great fronts and finishes.

This class is appropriate for students brand new to Rally and Obedience as well as veteran competitors.

Intro to Lost Item Recovery

January 9 :: 4:30 PM

This one hour workshop introduces NASDA's Lost Item Recovery to new teams. Teams will learn to find both handler and stranger items, developing skills to help them get started training for Lost Item at home this winter! This session includes 3 Lost Item Level I NASDA Runs!

Indoor Parkour

January 11 :: 3:00 PM

This fun session introduces or expands skill sets in K9 Parkour, such as Tic Tacs, Under, Over, Get In Small Boxes, Get on Small Objects and more. Although taught indoors at our facility, this session will help you and your dog grow confidence, focus and fitness out in the world. If the weather is nice, we'll even play outside! Did you know that Parkour titles are accepted by AKC for the Fit Dog program? YES!

Introducing AKC Fetch

January 11 :: 6:00 PM

Fetch curious? Learn all about the new AKC Fetch program. We'll play Novice Fetch and help you and your dog develop a great retrieve. Please bring at least two things your dog loves to fetch. Examples are balls, stuffed toys, bumpers, etc. This class will be taught indoors on mats.

So you think you can dance?!

January 13 :: 3:00 PM

In this workshop we're focusing on teaching fun tricks for freestyle, rally and fun involving movement and targeting such as:

  • Circle Handler (Forward)
  • Circle Handler (Backing Up - that's right! In reverse!)
  • Scoot (Back up through handler's legs)
  • Center (Line up between hander's legs, stationary or walking)
  • Leg Weave with an prop

A solid rear paw target is recommended but not required.  This is a fun workshop that encourages your dog to move and use their brain all while creating fun and exciting behaviors that be used alone or chained together!

Advanced Lost Item Recovery

January 13 :: 1:15 PM

Develop skills such as multiple hides, distinguishing between target odor and novel objects / distractors and handling strategies for Lost Item III and above. All dogs on at least handler odor are encouraged to participate in this skill building workshop.