A Tale of Two Indications, Pt 2

Isabella and I competed in a trial last night.  We did not qualify but we had a lovely run on a challenging and complex course.  I am very proud of that run.  I gave her space, let her make decisions, trusted her and took the time to celebrate each live tube.  Isabella in turn checked a few areas when asked, tunneled on her own, partied at each live tube with me and told me it was time to go.  Her final response to each tube was very light.  On a particularly challenging high hide in a narrow area, she lightly […]

The Monday After

It is true that a picture speaks a thousand words. A single image can bring back a beautiful memory of a beloved companion but with that memory comes a price: the pain of a loss so deep and still so fresh no matter how many years have passed. It never ceases to startle me, that visceral physical pain of loss. You are gone. You are no longer here to guide me, to love me, to be loved by me. But are they? Spring is a busy time around here. Training is in full swing and so is the dog sport […]

It’s a Blind, Not a Cocktail Party

Ah, the Barn Hunt blind. One hundred square feet of restless nerves and unbridled tension. Five chairs filled with aspirations of glory and humble hope for just one Q this time. For many it is a tea party, rave and/or book club and for many, it is a small box of hell in which one waits with their beloved companion surrounded by loud conversation, barking jostling dogs and the threat of man eating pterodactyls before heading out into a straw jungle in search of magical yet elusive tubes filled with hope and dreams and hardworking rats. Is your dog reactive? […]

A Tale of Two Indications, Part 1

Although there are many intricacies and challenges in the sport, handler focus in Barn Hunt is largely on the dog’s final response to a live tube. After all, the goal is to find all live tubes hidden in the course. And since the handler must signal to the judge when and where a hide has been found, they are dependent on the canine half of the team to clearly communicate the location of said hide to them. How does the dog communicate? Through the final response. The challenge for many handlers it that a dog typically has two final responses: […]