Due to the past weekend’s trial schedule, Revolution Dog Sports will operate on a special class schedule for the week of 7/23/18.

There will be NO Competition Rally and Obedience classes or Flyball practice this week.  Enjoy a week off after a great weekend of competition!

There will be no classes on Monday 07/23/18.


  • 11 AM – Barn Hunt (Antelope Valley)
  • 4 PM – Competition Scent Work (Barron Way)
  • 7 PM – Intermediate Scent Work (Barron Way)


  • Dock Jumping by appointment
  • 6 PM – Competition Scent Work (Scraps Dog Company, Robb Drive)


  • Dock Jumping by appointment (limited spaces)
  • 5 PM – Barn Hunt (Antelope Valley)

Would you like to schedule a dock jumping lesson?  Please call / text Liz at 775-813-0856 or email us at training@revolutiondogsports.com!  All skill levels of Barn Hunt are welcome at both classes this week.