All of us at Revolution Dog Sports would like to thank the clubs and exhibitors participating in the 2018 Patriot Games.  Whether you live next door or came from two states away, we couldn’t have been more happy to have you all play Barn Hunt and Flyball with us.  Thank you for running your dog, laughing often, volunteering and finding the joy in the sports!

We were fortunate enough to enjoy beautiful weather at 6,500 feet surrounded by pine trees.  We escaped the hail and nearly all of the smoke.  The sprinklers were off, we weren’t visited by any bears and we met so many really fun locals who had never seen our sports and now can’t wait to give it a try.  Thank you to the Truckee Donner Parks and Recreation Department for their support and assistance!

Please join me in thanking our judges, Beckie Bowers and Bill Carter for keeping our rings moving, representing BHA and NAFA with professionalism and handling whatever challenges came their way with grace and dignity.  Great judges are hard to find!

To our team and family:  You each worked so hard and played an integral part in the success of this year’s event.  Thank you for all you do, whether filling chairs, running errands, setting up, tearing down, scribing, judging, stewarding and coordinating.  It takes a village to host the Patriot Games and we are truly blessed to have a team we consider friends and family.

Event Results

Time Sheets:  Friday  |  Saturday  | Sunday

Head to Head Racing:  Friday  |  Saturday  | Sunday

Dog Points by Club:  Friday  Saturday  | Sunday

Division Placements:  Friday  Saturday | Sunday

Marked CatalogSpecial Awards

If you spot an error, please contact us at  For flyball teams, corrections and changes should be submitted by the team captain please.

Congratulations to all the new title holders!

New Flyball Titles:

  • Greg and Bobbi Sox Iron Dog, All American Racers
  • Candis and London 50,000, Hot Rod Hounds
  • Tara and Switch 40,000, Hot Rod Hounds
  • Candis and Tribute FM, Hot Rod Hounds
  • Don and Cody MBFM, Hot Rod Hounds
  • Linda and Chance FM, Hot Rod Hounds
  • Michelle and Free MBM, Pacific Pups
  • Candis and Brat FDCH-G MBX, Hot Rod Hounds
  • Michelle and Kenzie MBX, Hot Rod Hounds
  • Reta and Bentley FDCH, Revolution Dog Sports
  • Ann and Molley MBDCH, Silver Streaks
  • Claudia and Bart MBDCH, Silver Streaks
  • Beckie and Shock FDX, Revolution Dog Sports
  • Ann and Radar FDX, Silver Streaks

Barn Hunt New Title Holders:

  • Rebecca and Archer RATN (American Staffordshire Terrier)
  • Linda and Ede CZ8S (Cairn Terrier)
  • Mary and Otter CZ8S (Mixed Breed)
  • Beckie and RATCHX2 Shock (Labrador Retriever)
  • Jenny and Spratling CZ8PS (Miniature Schnauzer)

Did we miss your title?  Don’t fret!  Share it with us and we’ll add you to the list!

Photos by Jamie Torrey and Emily Ward